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Vancouver-based Manufacturers Join Forces to Support Emergency COVID-19 PPE Response Plan

Vancouver-based Manufacturers Join Forces to Support Emergency COVID-19 PPE Response Plan

16 April 2020, VANCOUVER, BC - Local manufacturers, 3DQue and ChopValue, have come together to collaborate on efforts to support critical production amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the virus spreads around the world and causes many restrictions, supply chains have been disrupted, resulting in serious shortages of crucial medical products. ChopValue’s CEO Felix Böck realized he could tackle this problem by retooling existing equipment and partnering with Steph Sharp from 3DQue, an on-demand 3D printing company, to produce high volumes of critical PPE components.

With 3DQue’s QPoD equipment moving into ChopValue’s Vancouver Microfactory today, they have a capacity to manufacture over 8,000 headbands and ear savers every week for PPE, including face shields and other supplies. This collaboration increases the capacity of both businesses by contributing to the local health care system and economy.

About ChopValue
ChopValue creates high performance circular economy designs made entirely from recycled chopsticks. The urban harvested material is transformed through a carbon neutral micro-manufacturing model and reintroduced into society as a beautiful and durable engineered product.

About 3DQue
Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, 3DQue offers an autonomous 3D printing service for the mass production of critical high resolution plastic components and parts. In addition to providing critical supplies to combat Covid (e.g. headbands, ear savers, ventilator valves and connectors, and sterilizing containers), 3DQue also provides local manufacturers with the plastic parts they can’t otherwise get due to supply chain disruption. 3DQue is changing the way 3D printing is performed with innovative technology that delivers complex plastic parts at scale faster than injection molding at a lower cost than traditional 3D printing.

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