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The Only Climate Positive Modular Shelving System Made Entirely of Recycled Chopsticks

The Only Climate Positive   Modular Shelving System Made Entirely of Recycled Chopsticks


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Four years after its official founding, ChopValue, Vancouver-based award-winning green startup, announced the launch of SMĪLE: the only climate positive modular shelving system made of 4,276 recycled chopsticks. With its sleek lines, minimalist and space-saving design, this timeless shelving system tastefully fits any interior.


"When launching ChopValue, our mission was to make a change with one chopstick at a time. Today, I am excited to announce our new achievement towards that goal — SMĪLE. We've designed SMĪLE to prove that minimalist, sustainable, and beautiful design can be 100% eco-friendly and can leave you smiling." says Felix Bock, Founder and CEO of ChopValue.


Each SMĪLE is proudly made from recycled chopsticks and construction steel, urban harvested from restaurants and construction sites near you. This not only minimizes the damage to the environment by reducing global shipping, it also adds value directly back to the community.


This global network of carbon negative Microfactories means every SMĪLE has a positive impact on the environment. Each SMĪLE stores about 6,532g (14 lbs) of CO2 that otherwise would've been released into the atmosphere — more than it takes to gather the resources, make and deliver it! That's the equivalent of charging your cell phone over 830 times!


"We work to create a unique experience and an impact that will inspire people. By reutilizing used chopsticks, we promote forests' sustainable management and raise social awareness for environmental accountability." points out Felix.



SMĪLE is a creative choice for inspired living and a climate positive conversation piece like no other. It will launch on Kickstarter on September 16, 2020.


About ChopValue:
The ChopValue story resonates with people around the world. The company provides product and design solutions with an innovative, high-performance material made entirely from recycled chopsticks. The company has urban-harvested, recycled and transformed over 25,786,890 chopsticks that otherwise would have ended in the landfills.




For Press Inquiries:
Leo Brooks, Communication Manager

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