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ChopValue Announces First International Franchise Team in Singapore

ChopValue Announces First International Franchise Team in Singapore


21 April 2021, VANCOUVER, BC — In celebration of Earth Day with a focus to restore the world’s forest ecosystem, ChopValue is proud to announce its first international franchise in Singapore. The strategic urban Microfactory location is slated to open later this year, which will serve as the flagship and training facility for ChopValue’s regional expansion.


Earlier this year, Singapore unveiled the Green Plan 2030 that sets the country’s targets for the next decade, advancing the national agenda on sustainable development. ChopValue SG will work towards supporting Singapore’s long-term goal to reach net zero emissions through urban harvesting waste as a new resource, and the transformation into a beautifully engineered durable material through their innovative carbon negative manufacturing process.


Their commitment is to transform 35 million chopsticks within the first 3 years in business, equivalent to 100 tonnes of urban resources that would otherwise be discarded.


The Incredible Team Behind ChopValue SG


ChopValue SG will be led by Singaporeans Evelyn Hew and Hui En Hsu. Evelyn, a mother of 3, is a serial entrepreneur, running businesses ranging from restaurants to private fleet leasing services. Most recently, she is currently managing SmartCity Solutions, an SME that provides smart digital solutions which enhance the sustainability and productivity in the waste management and built environment sectors. Hui En is a recent graduate with a BsC (Honours) from the University of Manchester. She was drawn to ChopValue because of her developed interest in new sustainable global movements and improving Singapore’s environmental landscape.


Working well together with complementary skills, they wanted to create a bigger positive impact and saw the immense potential of bringing ChopValue to Singapore. “When we discovered ChopValue, it was one of the first commercially viable ideas that can take something out of the waste stream, converted locally into a beautiful end product consumers can love for a second lifetime”, says Evelyn. “In one beautifully engineered solution, we can minimize waste, save forests, enjoy a premium product for years, provide local jobs, and earn a living. What's not to love?” 


The beautiful “Garden City” has a population of over 5 million, and chopsticks are the most commonly used utensils. With a shortening lifespan of Semakau Landfill, Singapore’s only landfill, the country has set an ambitious target to send 30% less waste by 2030 through alternative solutions. “ChopValue is the essence of a circular economy,” Hui En shared. “We can use Microfactories to create Macro Change and a positive step in our country's journey towards being a Zero Waste Nation. Let’s leave this place better than how we found it.” 


Evelyn and Hui En aim to lead by example within the circular economy as part of the nation's zero waste strategy, and empower local entrepreneurs to redefine the term waste to resource. Motivated by the untapped resources of disposable chopsticks used in Asia, they are eager to grow with multiple locations in the greater region. 


If you are interested in becoming a strategic expansion partner to fuel the growth of Singapore’s circular economy opportunities with ChopValue SG, connect with Evelyn and Hui En at or on Facebook and Instagram


About ChopValue 


ChopValue provides product and design solutions with an innovative, high-performance material made entirely from recycled chopsticks. Since its founding in 2016, the company has recycled over 33 million chopsticks. ChopValue sources, manufactures, distributes, and employs within local communities through its franchising model. With a network of distributed Microfactories, ChopValue aims to create a positive and resource-efficient impact for a carbon-neutral future. To learn more, visit 


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