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ChopValue Expands to Bali with First Flagship Location to Promote Circular Economy Solutions

ChopValue Expands to Bali with First Flagship Location to Promote Circular Economy Solutions


21 March 2022, VANCOUVER BC — ChopValue is excited to announce their first flagship location in Bali, Indonesia, as the epicenter of creative and scalable bamboo solutions. ChopValue Bali will be spearheaded by Orin Hardy, of the Hardy family, who are known as global leaders in bamboo construction, education, and design, as epitomized by their world-renowned Green School. Having just announced new Microfactories in the US, Mexico, UK, and Singapore, the company is adding another key partner to their global expansion network.


Hardy, The Bamboo Pure team is eager to take manufacturing to the next level with ChopValue Bali.


Hardy's passion for natural resources are rooted in his upbringing in Bali. His father and stepmother were pioneers in the bamboo industry, co-founding the Green School, a campus built entirely out of bamboo. Following in their footsteps, Orin established Bamboo U together with his wife Maria, an educational enterprise to learn about bamboo design and sustainable architecture, while his sister Elora founded IBUKU, a pioneering architecture and design firm specializing in unique bespoke bamboo structures. ChopValue Bali will be launched in partnership with Bamboo Pure, an industry leader in bamboo construction and key partner in more than 100 IBUKU structures in the past 15 years.

“Restoring our relationship with nature and the planet is not just about shifting towards prioritizing renewable resources, it’s also about discovering how to best use these materials,” shares Hardy. “ChopValue is an incredible example that takes resource utilization a few steps further by supporting the development of a circular economy that benefits all stakeholders involved — from the producers all the way to the end user. It’s an elegant solution that will bring quality industrial bamboo products to Bali on an appropriate scale to help both the economy and the environment. This is why I believe introducing ChopValue to our growing ecosystem of bamboo initiatives in Bali is essential.” 


The Sharma Springs interior, built by Bamboo Pure and designed by IBUKU.


While the Balinese are acutely aware of plastic pollution and are taking action to combat the problem, organic waste is often overlooked as a secondary issue. Organics are often burned or dumped into landfills, which results in deteriorating air quality and contributes to climate change. ChopValue can help shift this paradigm by urban harvesting this waste and redefining it as a resource.

“With the launch of ChopValue Bali, Orin and his team are breathing new life into the existing but under-utilized bamboo resource streams. Combined with the immense credibility of Orin’s family in the bamboo industry, this launch brings us all one big step further in expanding viable circular economy models,” said Felix Böck, Founder and CEO of ChopValue. “We are extremely grateful and excited to see how Orin and his network can positively impact the local community.”


The Microfactory is set to open later in 2022, and the team is currently working on strategic partners to further expand the concept to the rest of the 260 million population in Indonesia tackling significant urban waste problems. To learn more, please contact Stay up to date with ChopValue Bali by following their journey on Instagram and Facebook.


About ChopValue 


The World Economic Forum forecasts the circular economy could yield $4.5 trillion in economic benefits by 2030. ChopValue is the world’s first circular economy franchise, designing and manufacturing products using an innovative, high-performance material engineered entirely from recycled chopsticks. Since its founding in 2016, ChopValue’s “urban harvesting” approach has saved over 53 million chopsticks from the landfill, turning them into beautiful and sustainable products for the home and office. Their compelling vision to redefine the term "waste" to "resource" has garnered the attention of top-tier media outlets such as Business Insider, BBC, The Guardian, and Forbes. To learn more about their resource-efficient impact for a carbon neutral future, please visit 


Our Commitment to the Circular Economy  


With ChopValue’s global network of corporate and franchise Microfactories, the company sources, manufactures, distributes, and employs within local communities. They are expanding with like-minded and purpose-driven partners to redefine waste to resource, one chopstick at a time. ChopValue is actively seeking single and multi-unit franchise development partners who want to lead the change in their community within the US states of CA, FL, HI, NY and TX. The international expansion opportunities for their first-of-its-kind circular concept include Australia, EU, MENA region, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the SEA region. Learn more on how you can make a positive environmental impact in your city by visiting 


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